Mustard Seed (SW) is a registered charity (charity No 1127110) we are also a company limited by guarantee (company No 06528767) and have been in existence since 1992.

Mustard Seed is a Christian charity and desires to work closely with all local Christian Churches and organisations, as well as organisations and statutory agencies that are not faith based; to help the most vulnerable in our community.  Mustard Seed is ‘interdenominational’ in its outlook, which basically means we do not come under any one particular denomination of Christian Church, because we are not a Church but instead a practical Christian work that shows the love of God in all that we do.

“Mustard Seed exists to enhance physical and spiritual well-being and achieves this by demonstrating the love of God through positive community action”

The above statement applies to all that we do, and to all those that we come into contact with in our local community, in particular the most vulnerable of our society.

Whether we give food or advice to someone who has recently been made redundant and needs help to support their family, or through working with an adult with a learning disability to gain valuable life skills and gain more self confidence, leading to being able to live a more enhanced and independent living.

A little bit of history…

As previously mentioned the charity was started in 1992; this was the outcome of a small group of individuals from various back grounds and different Churches who were unified in wanting to help local people practically, and desiring to show the love of God expressed in a practical way.

At first Mustard Seed rented a room at the Guildhall, which served its purpose, however the desire and need for more permanent premises was evident.

The search and raising of money to purchase such a premises began; finally ending in purchasing the property which we now currently occupy in Wendron Street.  This alone was a miracle.

At first, the desire was to help a few young people that didn’t really have anything to do; the individuals at the time just sat on the steps of the Guildhall in Helston and were seen by many passing by as possible trouble makers.  But those with the vision saw something else – potential.

When you help people you often see others that also need to be helped, and throughout the mid nineties the work continued to expand.

Mustard Seed started to operate a cafe (The Open Door Cafe) which provided low cost and healthy meals to those who would otherwise possibly go without eating. The Trustees also saw the need to support other vulnerable people in the community.

As well as providing a place to be and feel welcome Mustard Seed saw the importance of helping those we helped to learn how to look after themselves.  And so the offer to provide life skills training and work experience began.

The Mustard Seed Trustees saw the life skills training expand and develop.  They also became aware of a lack of provision of good quality support for adults with learning disabilities.  Why not integrate the social aspect and growing life skills training to offer this also to adults with learning disabilities?  And this side of Mustard Seed has grown significantly over the past twelve years with Mustard Seed being accredited by Cornwall Council to provide life skills training and support for adults with learning disabilities.

When the charity was first set up all those years ago, and the Trustees at the time were considering how to best set up this work, to meet the need of the local community that we serve.  Little did they know or even dare dream, how the idea of the Mustard Seed would grow and become a charity that meets the needs of so many locally.

So why call the charity Mustard Seed?

In the Bible Jesus told a parable about a mustard seed:

Matthew 13:31-32New International Version (NIV)

The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast

31 He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32 Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”

Further on in Matthew 17:20 Jesus talks about having Faith even just the size of the mustard seed, and how even a little faith can achieve so much.

And that is exactly what the Trustees at the time and those that have since joined and left when the time was right, have held onto – Faith and Trust in God.

You may have noticed that our Charitable objects are  ‘To advance and promulgate the Christian religion’  which is what we would still hold onto.  Not because we believe we can convert anyone to Christianity, as we believe that only God himself through the work of the Holy Spirit can work in an individuals life for them to become a Christian.

The reason we would still hold onto our original charitable objects is because we believe that Jesus Christ has the power to transform lives, for the better.   And as we show the love of God practically to those whom we are privileged to support and work with, we see lives transformed.

How? Well not through anything we say really, but through putting into practice what Jesus teaches us in the Bible.   To love our neighbour as our self is what Jesus taught – that means that we care for people, love people, do all we can to help people but also that we respect ourselves also and care for our own physical, spiritual and psychological needs too.   God loves everyone, and so should we.