We like food…. we really like food!  And the majority of our different projects focus in some way around food.

Not because we eat a lot, but because food is essential to all of us for our daily living, and to be better equipped and informed as to how to prepare delicious food in a safe and hygienic way, learning about healthy eating options and where our food actually comes from really helps us all to make informed choices which can really help to benefit our quality of life.

The Open Door Cafe

Fancy a refreshing cup of tea or a great cup of coffee? Or perhaps a slice of one of our home baked scrumptious cakes or amazing chocolate covered tiffin?   Well these along with our homemade sandwiches (and soups during Autumn/Winter/Spring) are available throughout the day.  Our team are super talented, and work alongside those we support to produce all our meals from locally sourced ingredients (nothing pre-packed or mass produced here!!). The Open Door Cafe – a great place to eat and chill out.

Open Monday to Friday 10am until 2pm

This Project works so well in many ways – providing essential work based training and experience for those we support and providing an income for the charity which in turn continues to support the most vulnerable in our local community.

Round about Town Sandwich Round

What could be better than a freshly prepared sandwich using bread from the local baker (just around the corner), locally sourced ingredients; ham and chicken roasted in house by our amazing chef (beautifully seasoned – the chicken that is NOT the chef!), and then delivered to your workplace!

Well that is what we do – and we do it very well indeed, if we do say so ourselves.  And our customers agree wholeheartedly.

This project continues to be a fantastic success – providing real work experience for those we support here at Mustard Seed.

From the practical application of food hygiene practices, food preparation and marketing, basic stock control and accounting and with the end result of selling direct to the general public which encourages each individual we support to practice customer relation skills we see those we support grow in self confidence and this helps each individual to grow towards their full potential.

The Helston and Lizard Foodbank

One of our largest projects and covering a area of over 125 square miles the Helston and The Lizard foodbank is part of the Trussel Trust network of foodbanks operated by Mustard Seed to serve our local community.

Mustard Seed exists to enhance physical and spiritual well-being and achieves this by demonstrating the love of God through positive community action.

The foodbank is run and operated by a wonderful team of volunteers and managed by our foodbank Project team.

The foodbank provides a minimum of three days non-perishable emergency food to local people in crisis.   All food given out is donated by the local community.
We work in partnership with front line care professionals to identify people in need.

If you wish to know more about the work of foodbank please do contact our foodbank team via the Mustard Seed office (01326 564194) or email direct on info@helstonthelizard.foodbank.org.uk

More information regarding our foodbank project can be accessed on our foodbank website: www.helstonthelizard.foodbank.org.uk

Our Training Programme

Our training programme consists of a very hands on vocational style of training within the catering trade.

Our ‘students’ work alongside our dedicated team of staff and volunteers to learn how to prepare food items from scratch in a way that constantly promotes food safety to the highest level.

We believe in allowing each individual the space and experience of making mistakes – we call this positive risk taking, and we know that this helps each student to realise that it is okay to make a mistake as it helps us to learn the correct and safe way to learn such valuable skills.

This programme helps each individual we work alongside to gain the skills needed to live more independently, and we see each individual increase in self confidence and self worth.

We believe that a healthy work ethic is essential for everyone.

And with our training programme we encourage a strong work ethic, which instils a sense of pride and real meaning.

The Allotment

We currently rent an allotment from The National Trust which (weather dependent) allows anyone interested the space and time to learn the skills in tending and looking after various seasonal crops.

This is an amazing space within a walled garden and we have a service level agreement with the Lizard C.H.I.L.D Trust who are doing some amazing work to promote and expand this valuable resource.

Supported Housing

Although no longer our project. We work closely with the amazing charity St Petroc’s who support and house a number of individuals who have experienced homelessness.

Currently we help by offering moving in food packages, and volunteer possibilities, as well as offering information, advice and guidance for those in need.